Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just Not Feeling It

I was lucky today to get to sleep in until 9.  That's right, I have two little kids and I slept till 9am.  When I started to wake up, I felt like I needed more sleep.  Crazy right?  As I stared to move, I realized my lower back was hurting too, this is new.  OK, I said to myself, just get up and get going.

I could hear the kids playing nicely, another shocker. I got up, brushed my teeth and put my running clothes on.  I got a little something to eat and a glass of water and off I went.

I stepped out into a cloudy, damp day but it was 50 degrees.  Right away I wanted to go back inside.  First song I heard got me up the hill but I still wanted to turn around.  Funny how some runs are so good and others are just horrible.  Why is that and do you feel the same way?

I am guessing I am feeling this way today because I am having a house full of people tonight and there is still stuff to get done before they get here.  I slept in, so I am already behind.  I felt like I really needed to get a run in so I am even more behind and now I am sitting here blogging about it to you.  This, however, makes me very happy.

I made it up the hill and went my usual route but decided early on that I am only going 2 miles.  I really didn't have it in me today and I thought that that would change as I kept going but it didn't.  My back did start to feel a little better but my knee not so much.  I think when I run in my compression socks, it feels worse.  What do you guys think of that?  Do you wear them for your runs or just after or not at all?  On the upside, my GPS was working, so when it said "1 mile", I promptly turned around and headed home.

The second mile was a little better but it was slower.  I realized all the songs that came on were a little slow too.  Maybe the world is in slow motion today, I hope it picks up.

OK, so all in all, I ran.  I ran 2.6 miles in 25:55.  Can you say slow?  I can.  Now that I am home, I am happy that I got it in, even if it was short, it was something.  You know the saying about not regretting the runs you do, just the ones you don't.  That is how I feel today.  Happy that I got even a not so great run in as opposed to staying in and doing nothing.

Now on to the party prep.   A little cleaning, a little cooking and one more stop at the liqueur store.  I love tonight and I think it will be super fun.  We have great friends coming over and I love to entertain.  I am also pretty sure that I will be doing the Pier Plunge tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

So tell me, do you run even when you know it may not be a great one?  Does your mood usually change when you get into your groove?  Have you ever turned around and said, there is always tomorrow?

Once again, Happy New Year!

Run strong, think big!


  1. Yes- I have those runs. It's sometimes hard to get out the door, but I almost always feel better for doing it. Hope you had time to get everything done last night, and weren't too stressed. Happy new year!

  2. Yes, I feel that way on some days and yes it does get better during and/or after. I will say one thing though when I have the days I don't feel like running and I do, I feel like I've accomplished something great after :) There are days though that my body is not feeling it and I just decide to run the next day because sometimes the body does need rest and you should listen but most of the time you need to tell your body to shut up and run!! :) Happy New Year!!