Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I know Christmas comes the same time every year, but somehow it finds a way to sneak up on me.  That hasn't always been the case, just since I had a family.  My husband and I do not live near our parents, so traveling to them before kids was easy.  Now, we have people come to us and I thought that would be easier but I find it more hectic.  Decorating, shopping and most important, cooking.

Long gone are the days of the traditional, 7 Fishes on Christmas Eve.  That is just way too much work, or at least I think it is, haven't actually tried it.  This year, for Christmas Eve, I am doing pork sandwiches with roasted peppers and provolone cheese on nice bread.  That is easy, just put it in the crock pot all day, pull it when it is done and everyone helps themselves.  Christmas day is another story.  What are you doing?  I am thinking of just doing a brunch and then just apps and drinks later in the day.

I can not wait for everyone to get here and see the excitement that my kids will bring to the day.  I look forward to everyone opening their presents and the kids playing with their new toys around the Christmas Tree.  I love listening to Christmas music and talking and laughing with one another.  Food has always been a focal point with us and I hope I don't disappoint.  I would love to hear some of your traditions and what you may have asked Santa for.  I am hoping for some new runnings shoes and my knee to feel better.

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