Thursday, December 8, 2011

Virtual 5K

So as you know racing is new to me, but I love doing it and crossing finish lines.  I came across this race
And signed up for it.  It is definitely different from what most racers are used to, but you do get a medal.  My plan is to drop the kids off at the sitters and then head to the gym.  I am doing it on the treadmill this time but that counts according to the site.  Anytime, anywhere as long as it is Dec. 17th.  So there won't be a finish line but the registration fee will go to a charity that is close to my heart and like I said, I get a medal after I post a comment on their website that I finished.  Just so you know, there were no medals for my first two races.  So if you plan to run that day, maybe you may want to make it charitable.  And if you do run, let me know how it goes.  Maybe we won't feel so alone if we know we are doing it together, sort of.  

Run strong, think big!

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