Friday, December 30, 2011

MRI Update

So today was my follow up to find out what the MRI saw.  I was up and out early without coffee for this appointment.  I chose to sleep a little longer over coffee and will have to remind myself next time that coffee is worth it.

Anyway, while I waited for the doc to come in, the assistant handed me a copy of the MRI findings.  I proceeded to read it but all I heard in my head was the voice of the adults that are in the Charlie Brown cartoons.  Whop, whop, whop waaa.  Ok, lets just wait, no need to give my self a headache on top of not having coffee.

When he came in, I told him that I still had pain, but it was a little better since the cortisone shot and now I have some pain in my right hip also.  So this is what is wrong with me, verbatim:

1. There is moderate thickening of the medial plica with minimal low-grade chondromalacia of the medial
     patellar facet.  This is nonspecific but can be associated with painful plica syndrome.  Clinical    
     correlation is advised.
2.  Intrasubstance degeneration but no tear of the menisci.
3.  Small knee effusion present.

In case you are wondering what plica syndrome is click here.  As for small knee effusion, that is water on the knee.

So what do we do?  Well I am going to have physical therapy for 4-6 weeks and see him again in 5.  He said I can still continue to run and exercise.  My first therapy session is Januray 10th.  I was happy to hear that, and am confident that the therapy will be a good thing.  I will be able to pick the brain of all these sports professionals twice a week for up to 6 weeks.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

From there my first stop was, you guessed it, Dunkin Donuts.  One large regular to go, yummy!  I had a little last minute shopping to do for our New Year's Eve bash, which I am very excited for.  It is one of my favorite nights of the year.  Just in case you are wondering, I am still thinking about the Pier Plunge.  No final decision yet.

After the shopping, my son and I had a date with friends to see Disney on Ice.  We had a great time.  It is amazing how Disney can make you feel so much like a child.  I am so thankful that I have kids so that I can experience that feeling as an adult.  They truly are a blessing!

Well that is all for now.  If you have any suggestions that would help with my knee, I would love to hear them.

I hope you all have lots of fun tomorrow and New Years day.  Anyone else jumping into a freezing cold ocean?  Would love to know I have company.

Run strong, think big!


  1. I dealt with some knee pain 3 or 4 years ago after ramping up miles too quickly... I also did several weeks of physical therapy. I was doing very little strength training at the time, and it hurt to much to do squats/lunges until my knee improved, but since then I've been pretty consistent and I think strengthening the muscles around my knee (quads, hips, etc) has made a huge difference. I'm glad you sound relatively positive, it will pass and you'll be stronger for it!

  2. Thanks Laura! Strengthening my muscles is something I have to work on. I haven't done too much other than run and that will have to change. My daughter is starting preschool on Tuesday and I will have some extra time now to fit in a little more in that respect.