Thursday, August 2, 2012

Four Virtual Races

I am currently signed up for four virtual races that I wanted to tell you about.

The first is Run With All Your Hart.  Sarah Hart set out for an early morning run with her sister.  She was married with 3 beautiful children and was pregnant.  After a few miles she told her sister she didn't feel well and was heading back to the car.  Her sister went on to complete her run and when she got back to the cars, Sarah's car was there, but Sarah was not.

She was robbed and killed and her body was found 20 to 30 yards away, hidden in the tree line.

Once again, I am outraged that another runner, mother, wife, daughter and sister was taken from her family for no reason at all!

A four mile race has been scheduled in her hometown on August 11, 2012.  A runner, who could not be there because of distance told them she would run anyway to honor her memory.  This sparked the Virtual part of the race.  They have runners in all 50 states participating and I am excited to be one of them.

You can still sign up if you would like.  Just click the link above.

The second is from a fellow blogging friend, Laura of Mommy Run Fast.  She has a great blog about running, eating healthy and being a mom.  She is also a great supporter of mine and has encouraged me during every step of my journey to 13.1.

She has put together a free Virtual race called the Labor Day 5 and 10 Mile.  This was a race that she took part in for 5 years when she lived in Ithaca.  She has moved away and thought it would be fun to take part in it virtually and invite all of us.  I think it is a great idea!  Check it out, she has some great prizes too!

The third one, was also put together by a blogging friend of mine.  Her blog, Run, Find Your Happy Pace, sends a great message to all runners and mothers, plus, she is also a fellow military wife, whose husband is currently deployed.  I have never met her, but I know we would be great friends if we did.

She teamed up with Running In Sanity and the money they raise will go towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  You all know how important that charity is to me and I hope you will take a look at their race.

Last, but not least, head on over to Anywhere 5k.  These guys put together free virtual races for no reason, other than to run.  You can print a bib and post your pictures on their site.  They will even put your times together so you can see where you came in compared to people all over the world.  It is cool.

Their next race is this weekend.  You can register here.

Let me know if you are doing any of these races.  It will be cool to know that you and I are running at approximately the same time.

Well, that is it for now.  I am heading out for my first 11 mile run in the morning.  Wish me luck!

Run Strong, Think Big!


  1. I heard about that story-- it just makes me sick to my stomach, so awful. I'm glad there's a virtual run for her, I'll have to check it out. And thanks for sharing!

  2. I am running the anywhere 5 K this weekend and I am signing up for the first one you mentioned, as I type this. That story frightened me and my heart goes out to her family. Tragic, thank you for sharing.
    Love your blog!