Friday, August 24, 2012

The Non-Running Pilot's Wife

So, you all know that Mr. RWM is a pilot.  I don't usually talk about this, because it is a non issue.  That is his job and it is an awesome job.  He has wanted to be a pilot since he was 4 years old and I can't think of anything cooler than growing up to do what you always wanted to.

There are plenty of blogs out there that talk about the down and dirty of being a pilot's wife, but this is not one of them, however, this week was tough.

We don't' know any other way of life.  I stopped flying when we had our son and he kept working, of course.  I miss the travel but this was the best decision for our family.

Now, before I start sounding like a you know what, he has a very good schedule.  In fact, he works for an airline that is top notch.  They care for their employees and the employees love to work there.  He only works about 2 weeks a month and I see him more than most airline families get to see their pilot. This is unusual compared to most companies and I am grateful.

Ok, now that I got that out of the way.  Here is what got to me.  Since having kids, I have been to the ER three times and an Urgent Care twice.  The last time, this week.  Three of these incidents were not in Rhode Island.  Out of the 5, Mr. RWM was only with me one time!

This is of course what they mean by Murphy's Law.  As soon as he leaves or is about to leave, something happens.  It is not always with the kids, I have had a pipe burst, our mailbox run over by a snow plow, a car with a dead battery facing in the garage, and of course, numerous toilet clogs, just to name a few.  I have survived them all, including deployments, but this week got me thinking.  He had 3 weeks off and an hour before he left, I was on my way to the Urgent Care with my daughter.

The only thing that made this better, was that I was visiting my parents in New Jersey.  For the first time, I had someone to stay with the unsick kid, (or should I say the future sick kid, LOL) while I took care of the sick one.  What a difference it makes to have a second pair of hands!  Thank you Mom and Dad!  I miss you already.

The other bummer about this week, was the fact that I had plans to see my friends who I have not seen in a very long time.  I miss them and was looking forward to catching up in person.  That did not happen and I am very disappointed.  Next time my friends, I promise!

Because we were not home, and my daughter didn't want anyone but me, I did not get to run either.  I have now only run 2 times in 2 weeks.  Are you freakin' kidding me!  Ok, I am calm, I swear I am.

Sunday, I am running in a 5k and I am glad it is only a 5k.  I am pretty sure I will be fine and not die.  What will make this a good race is I am not racing at all.  I have no time in mind because I am running with a friend to support her and I am pretty sure, she has no time in mind either.

My lovely friend Connie wanted to run a 5k before she turns 60 this fall.  She has put the miles in and I am so happy to be able to run with her to the finish line.  She says she is slow, I have never said I was fast.  I am sure no matter what the speed, a fun time and great conversation will be had.

I have said this before about other races, but the reason for me being there is greater than any PR.  You cannot put a price on friendship and running is what brought us together and I can't wait to meet her in person!

I hope this does not come out as too much complaining.  I love Mr. RWM and I am happy he has a job that keeps food on our table.  He is a great dad, and I know he would of been there if he could.  None of the incidents were life threatening, (thank God) and if that were the case, I know he would of moved the sun and the moon to be with us.

My little girl is much better and is currently giving me a hard time about going to bed.  So happy she is feeling better.

Life got in the way of running the last couple weeks, but I am not worried.  I have plenty of time to be ready for Nike, 50 days to be exact.  I am looking at Sunday as day one of the rest of my training, and I get to do it with a friend.

I plan to get a 3, 4 and 5 in with a long run for the weekend.  That one will probably be 10 miles.  My hip feels great, but I suspect it is because of the lack of running.  I hope the rest it got is all it needs so I can get back on track.  Time to be serious again.

Ok, everything is good.  This should prove to be a fun weekend but sad because it is the last weekend of summer vacation.  Why does school start before Labor Day?  Anyone, anyone...

Ok, well enjoy your weekend and and your weekend runs.

Run Strong, Think Big!


  1. Remember-even though I see my husband at least few mins in each 24 hr period-it can be tough too. Again, NOT really complaing either-whew-thank God, he works and overtime ever wk! BUT, understand!! Our sched.s with both of us working-crazy! And, midnt. Shifts wear on us! But, grateful!! I get out and go early in twilight of morn-blah, to get some running. Did great w/marathon last yr, even though, many wks ran out of time-like 35 miles/wk when should have more ect. BUT, makes ya tougher, smarter runner-run out that stress! You deserve it!! You will do GREAT!! Hope daughter better-yikes! Take care-get that run, walk, skip in when ya can!!

    1. Barb, it is truly amazing to see how you and Randy make it work. I don't know how I would handle just seeing him a few minutes a day. You guys are a great couple and are raising amazing boys. I could take a few lessons form you guys.

    2. Thanks Nicole! And, you, as well! That's why I love reading blogs, being on FB, and getting wonderful support!! Tell your husband thanks for his service in military, too! We are busy here, at home,but when he was deployed ect. your family dealt with it, very well! Good for all of you!! Thanks!! Take care. Barb.

  2. That would be so tough! I'm thankful right now that my husband's schedule is very laid back but that will most likely be changing in the next few years. Missing a few runs happens, I'd try not to stress about it and move on. Hope you had a good 5k!