Friday, August 3, 2012

Run, Walk, Crawl...Finish

It seems like I haven't written anything about my training in a while.  I have focused so much on my fundraising and my Virtual race, that I think it went by the wayside.  I have reached my fundraising goal and my race is over, so now, I truly just have to focus on the running part.

Today, I ran 11.44 miles.  This to date, has been my longest and hardest run.

I woke up bright and early at 6am hoping to beat the heat.  As soon as I stepped out my door, I knew I was too late.  No turning back now.

My first two miles were good.  Found my groove early and was thinking this won't be so bad.  Spoke too soon!   Mile 3 was tough.  Can't explain it, just couldn't focus.  I felt  better in mile four, but it was here that I thought I should turn back and just do 8 miles.  I was worried that I would run out of water and I wanted to be closer to the shops that I passed in the first couple miles of my run.  My logic was I could just run into the D and D and refill my bottle.

Then I heard a voice in my head yell at me.  "This is not what you set out for.  You feel fine, suck it up because there is no good reason to stop!  It is 11 miles on the schedule and that is what you need to do!"

Now don't get me wrong, you need to stay hydrated on these hot, long runs.  I knew if I went a little further then planned, I would be at the beach and would be able to use the water fountain there, plus, I had enough water to get me there.  The voice kept saying that I can do it!  I wasn't sure how far it would end up being, but I was thinking about 6 miles.

It was less then 6 miles and I was so happy to have made it that far.  You see, I have run 6 miles before, this is not new, but making it all the way to the beach is.  I have said from the beginning of my training that if I could make it to the beach and back, then I would have no problem doing a half marathon.  This was a little goal of mine and here I was, looking at the ocean!

I didn't linger long, just enough time to fill up my bottle and stretch a little. Now, I had to make it home.

It was getting pretty hot, but off I went.   I was not going to call Mr. RWM to save me, I can do it.  I did a little walking at this point but I still felt good.  It was in mile 7 that I got a little fright.

A truck had slowed down and the driver was staring at me.  He stopped on the side of the road, but on the opposite side and kept looking at me.  I don't know what he was doing but visions of Sherry and Sarah ran through my head.  I ran faster and only looked back once.  He was still there but did not appear to be getting out.   Maybe he was lost and looking at directions, I don't know, but seriously dude,  keep your eyes to yourself!

I know people look at us while we are running.  And I am sure there are lots of reasons.  People think we are crazy and some think, wow,  wish I could do that.  Some might just be runners and wish it was them running instead of driving to work, whatever it is, there is no need to stare and freak someone out.  You look, you move on, period.

I was tired in mile 8, probalby because I just ran faster than I usully do and my heart was racing a little. Mile nine was slow and steady and at the end of that, I was really slowing down, but I was still moving.

I was tired and looking forward to getting home.  I had to stop at a light and cross an intersection.  It was here that I realized, it hurt more to walk than run.  Is that weird?  Have you ever felt that way?  I was running but it was slow, in fact, it was the slowest I had ever run.  My last two miles were 14 minute miles!

Whatever, I was moving and doing what I set out to do.  When it was all said I done, I ran 11.44 miles in 2:27:09.  The time is not great, but it got me thinking.  So what?  I just ran 11.44 freakin' miles!  I know I won't ever win a race, and frankly, that is not why I am here.  I set out to do something that I thought was impossible.   It was also a way to keep me happy and healthy.  As a bonus, I have raised money for a great charity.  So yeah, I am proud of what I did this morning and I can't wait to run on Sunday!

So, all in all, training is going well.  I am so happy to be at the mileage that I am, but I feel ready and wish the race was a little sooner.  I feel very confident that I will finish the race but I am having doubts about doing it in 2:30.  Then again, time doesn't really matter to me as much as I thought it would.  I am a slow and steady runner and I can live with that.

Run Strong, Think Big!


  1. Great job! Impressed that you ran 11.44. And, proud of yourself for being alert to what's going on around you. Noticing people like that. At least, helps that you knew he was there. Being alert, heads up, that's good thing. Not so lost in your thoughts and running! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Wow, Nicole, that's awesome! You did it! Pushing through a tough run will boost your mental toughness, and I hope you now believe me that you can totally handle that 13.1. :)

  3. You go girl! Also remember it will NOT be that hot for your race in the Fall too. Keep on truckin' no matter what the speed. You are great for not giving up and I love your self talk. Awesome and keep going!