Monday, May 5, 2014

Cox Providence Half Marathon Part One

The Cox Providence Rhode Races host what is known as the Triple Crown.  They consist of three marathons/half marathons.  Providence marathon/half, Jamestown Half and Newport Marathon/half.

You can run all three on just one but if you do all three you get a special shirt and extra medal.  I ran Newport last year and loved it and knew that I would want to do all three this year.  I signed up early and so did Beth.

These three races were my "Big" goal for the year until I won the free entry into the Rhode Warrior 70.3.  That became my number one goal and I am working really hard to get to that starting line but running is where my heart truly lies and I really wanted to just enjoy the three races I set out to do this year.

Beth was kind enough to pick me up on Friday so that we could head to the Expo together.  It was very quiet as I am guessing most people work at 2 on a Friday afternoon.  No line to get our numbers or shirts.  It was a very small expo but Women Run had a booth there and I got a cute little dress for Gracie.
My adorable Gracie in her new dress!

Sarah, who I introduced you to in the last blog, was running the full.  We had planned to meet each other in person and originally thought we would meet for dinner Saturday in Providence with our families.

After thinking about it, I suggested that they just come to my house and I would make dinner. Providence was sure to be crazy with the race and it was the same weekend as Ringling Brothers Circus.  Plus, our kids could play and run around and not worry about being on their best behavior in a restaurant.  All around more fun for all.

I was putting my plan together and then decided that it would be great if Beth and her husband could join us.  I was pretty sure that everyone would get along and it would be a nice night.

Sarah and her family are vegetarian and pasta the night before a big race was an obvious choice, but I usually make my gravy with meatballs.  I was a little worried about this, so I made the gravy without the meat and then headed to one of my favorite italian restaurants and had them make the meatballs for me.

(Side note for those of you who did not grow up in my neck of the woods. Gravy is sauce.)

I separated the gravy in two pots and added the meatballs to one.  Success!

Beth and Dave arrived first and we sat on the deck with a few drinks and apps. It was a beautiful night.  Sarah and family were running a little behind but when they arrived, I was so happy to see her and give her a big hug! It was a pleasure to meet her husband and kids too.

Once everyone was here, I finished making dinner while everyone talked and had a few drinks.  It seemed like everyone was getting along well, including the kids. This just made me so happy.
My handsome George!

Gracie and Rose, Sarah's beautiful daughter. I am sorry I don't have a pic of her son.
We got the kids set up with food at the "kids table" and then we sat down to enjoy a very nice meal.  The conversation was continuous and entertaining.  Yes, there was a lot of running talk, but there were other topics talked about too.  We had such a great time and I was so happy that Mr. RWM and I were able to host everyone.  I would absolutely do it again.

Some of you know that my favorite color is purple.  I dressed causal in jeans and my purple, I Run This Body shirt.  When Beth and Sarah arrived, they were both wearing purple shirts! I could only smile at this, I thought it was so cool.
Beth, me and Sarah

I wish we took more pictures, especially when we were outside on the deck, but I do love the ones that we did get.

It was not a late night as we all had very early alarms going off in the morning.  Mr. RWM and I  walked everyone out to their cars and said our goodbyes. I knew I would see Beth in the morning since we were driving together. I wasn't sure if I would see Sarah or not, so I wished her a good marathon.

We got the kids to bed and finished cleaning up. Mr. RWM told me he had a great night, loved the dinner and enjoyed the company. This was so nice to hear, especially because he only met Beth and Dave once and never met Sarah and her gang.  I went to bed very happy but even still, I did not sleep well.  My alarm was going of at 5:30 and I started to get nervous.

Part two tomorrow...

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Thanks for hosting! It was fun and I wish we didn't have to get up in the morning! Awaiting part II!!! I've not been sleeping well either, whaddyagonnado?

  2. This is SO great! We absolutely loved coming for dinner. Can't think of a better pre-marathon plan. As for the sleeping. Tylenol PM people!!