Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend, Plus a Day

So how was your long weekend? Yeah, I know it's Thursday, but this is the first chance I got to blog about mine.  There are a few workouts that I wanted to tell you about.

Sunday, I had plans to ride with Beth. She lives about 40 minutes away from me and not to far from the site of the Rhode Warrior Half Ironman Distance Triathlon.  I have to admit, I am still unsure of the mile swim but in the meantime, I thought it would be nice to bike and maybe run on part of the course.  

This was going to be our first ride together and my first time back on the bike since I fell. Oh sorry, you didn't know I fell?  I didn't unclip fast enough and fell right over on my right hip and also hurt my knee in the process.

I am fine.  My butt was bruised and sore and my knee was cut and swollen.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the knee, but I am fine.

Ok, back to the ride.  We were on our way about 10 minutes after I arrived.  We started out through the neighborhood and eventually got on the main roads.  Some parts we were able to ride together and talk, and others I just followed her.  At one point I was watching her legs and noticed she had a nice steady movement. I however was pedaling twice as much as her.  What was I doing wrong?

About mile twelve, Beth was next to me and asked why I was in the small wheel? Umm, the what? What?  Beth, said, push the left gear over to the right, so I did.  Yeah, instant relief.  Duh, such a rookie!

The last two miles were very enjoyable and I am looking forward to the next time.  Thanks Beth!

As you know, I am part of the Sub 30 group on FB.  This group was started by Ted Spiker of Runner's World. Some of us have hit our sub 30 5k and some of us are still working towards it. It is a great bunch of people full of motivation and support.  And on Monday, I was able to run with two of the members,

Jim I met for about ten seconds at the Providence Half Marathon.  Emily, I had only spoken to on-line.  Emily was the one who initiated the meet up and I was so thrilled that she did. We planned to meet at my beach for a 4 mile run and then coffee.

The weather was supposed to be nice but it was cool with drizzle.  Didn't stop us. We ran a nice easy pace and got to know each other.  It was a thrill to talk with them in person and I really hope we can do it again.  Jim will be running the Jamestown Half and I hope we can run some of that together.  

It was, of course Memorial Day.  I thought about all those service men and women who gave their lives for our freedom and I thanked God that Mr. RWM is home safely with us after 25 years of service. I did log my 4.27 miles on the Wear Blue to Remember site.  However, I did not wear blue but it is the miles that count, right?

I got on the bike again outside with Elaine and had a great ride with her on Tuesday .  We rode from my house to the beach and back which was twelve miles.  I have to say, the rides are nice but living in these beachy, vacation type places, we are going to have to head out earlier when there are less cars on the road.  Just for a little piece of mind.

On the swimming front, things are improving.  I am sure I will finish the quarter mile swim, but still have some doubts about the mile.  Still working towards it though as I am too clueless to quit just yet.  

I will be running the Skirt Sports Virtual Half Marathon on Monday.  Monday's we usually run long anyway, so a couple of the girls signed up too. Might as well get the swag if you are going to do distance. Did you sign up yet? Don't forget to use the coupon RUNNER25 for your discount.

Ok, that is all for now. I will write a post after Monday's 13.1.  

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

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