Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be Positive!

I am still so sad about Sherry Arnold, the Montana runner who went missing 6 days ago.  I keep praying for her and her family and friends.  I cannot imagine what they are going through and I hope they can find some peace soon.  There is now a Help Find Sherry Arnold Face Book page.  I hope you can like it to show your support for Sherry and her family.

Does this make you think twice about running outside or the time of day you run?  I am sidelined for about 4 weeks, maybe more, but I prefer to run outside.  I live in a pretty safe place and I always see other runners, bikers and walkers where I usually run and that makes me feel better.  I do think I am going to find a few friends to run with, which I wanted to do before this horrible incident anyway.

So today I had PT.  She wanted to talk about my back a little more, as that is not the reason I started to see her, it was for my knee.  After bending back, forth and side to side she shook her head.  This was not good.  We headed over to the bike and while I was riding she told me what she thought was going on.  She thinks that I may have a bulging disk.  What!? Are you kidding me!? Great!

Now I actually stayed calm there and just kept riding and listening.  Since my paperwork is not for my back, I have a new appointment to see my doctor and figure out what it is and then hopefully be able to do PT for both, my back and knee.  This is very disappointing news as I think it will take me a little longer to get back to running.  I did tell her I had a race scheduled for the first weekend in April.  First she said, "Don't cancel it yet."  But then she asked how long is it?  10k, I replied and the look on her face was not promising.  Not gonna worry about it now.  Just gonna work hard and do everything they tell me to and most of all stay positive!

I am going to stay positive for Sherry Arnold and her family.  I am going to stay positive for me and my family.  I am going to run again, and I will run for Sherry since she can't.  Never give up hope!

As always, my friends, run strong, think big.


  1. It won't stop me from running-fear. BUT, I am aware of things that could happen. I try to take every precaution. That, of course, doesn't guarantee anything. I try to change up my course. Change up time of day, ect. I won't run in places, that are "too quiet" or near places, like edge of woods, espec. at park, if no one else is using park. And, more. I live in a small community-that SEEMS safER. People thought I was crazy for being over protective of my kids too. Even at church ect. But, I try to stay aware. I don't wear MP3 ect. BUT, not saying that it's wrong too. I just need to focus while out there.
    So sad in these cases of missing people. Or, one out in California where young teen girl killed by the pedophile. She was out on a run. But, stuff can happen at other times too. Sad, scary. Prayers for all the families!
    Take care, Nicole, hope you feel better soon! Keep up the great work!

  2. It is sad what happened to Sherry Arnold, I just found out about it today on another blog I follow. I have been praying also for her and her whole family. Sorry to hear about your injuries, I hope you feel better soon and follow what the PT says and you will be up and running in no time :)