Thursday, January 5, 2012

Outside vs. Inside

So I have realize today that I run better outside.  Now, I think, to most of you, this is no surprise.  When I am outside, the scenery changes, there are other runners, walkers and bikers.  They all smile and say hello.
I like that.  When I am inside on the 'mill, I am easily distracted.  There are all kinds of people walking around, working out and socializing.  There are 5 TV's in front of me and I can't read the CC because I will surely fall off, but it it still distracting.

Here is the thing, the coldest I have run in is 30 degrees.  The next week here will be beautiful, in fact on Saturday it is expected to be 50.  This, of course, is awesome running weather but it will change before we know it.  I mean it is January.  So how do you handle the cold?  I got a new hat and gloves so I think I am good there but how many layers do you wear?  Do you have different running shoes for the cold?  I am sure it it mostly mental for me when it comes to the cold temps, and that is something I have to work on.  Tell me how you conquer the cold and is there a temp you won't run in?

By the way, this is the new hat I got from Gone For a Run.  It has a ponytail holder built in that actually fits my thick ponytail.  Those of you who have seen my hair in person, understand what I mean.  LOL

My run today, despite being on the treadmill, was good.  I ran a 5k in 38:25.  Not my best time, but I will take it.  I have big goals this week for the nice weather.  I want to get to 5 miles by the end of next week.  I think I can do it.  I hope I can anyway.  I said earlier today, that my body can go further than my mind thinks it can.  Getting these two things on the same page is going to be my other goal.  I would love to hear any words of motivation that you can offer.

I am lucky tonight to be going to a friends house for an after Christmas, Christmas party.  I look forward to this party every year.  We take our unwanted or ridiculous gifts that we received and wrap them up and do a Yankee Swap with them.  Some the gifts make you laugh out loud and I hope I don't leave with one of those.  Last year I got boring earrings and the year before an ugly purse.  I plan to wear the earrings and use the purse tonight.  I think everyone will get a kick out of that.  I can't tell you what I am bring tonight because of few of the attendees read my blog.  He He, you will just have to wait and see.

Run strong, think big!


  1. Have fun tonight. Layers are probably a good thing.

  2. Hey Nicole - enjoying reading your blog. You're doing a great job with the running - keep it up! The best piece of advice I can give about winter running is to be careful not to overdress. You want to be a little cold when you first start out. If you step out the door and you feel warm and comfy, you're wearing too many layers! I'd invest in at least one good winter running shirt - I've found some great ones at Marshall's for only about $20. They're thick and warm, but not overly so, and they're made of nice wicking fabrics. I can go out with just that on in temps as low as the mid-20s. Lower than that, and I layer a very lightweight vest over the shirt. Another good tip is to try to run an out-and-back loop, so that if you do put on one too many layers, you can shed one and leave it on the side of the road, and then pick it up on your way back. I often do this with my gloves, once my hands warm up. No different shoes needed, but you can get running socks that are meant for colder weather. There have been times that my feet were slightly numb during the first mile of the run, but then they warm right up. It is largely a mental battle - you just have to remember that once you get moving, you'll be toasty and warm in no time!!!

  3. the first time I ran outside in the cold (this past November) I got bronchitis :) So I am a little hesitant to run outside in the real, real cold. I am in MA - my New Year's Day 5K, I couldn't believe how over dressed so many people were. I even ended up regretting my long sleeve shirt. We definitely have been spoiled so far with the weather - I would be quite thrilled with a winter of 30 degrees with maybe one storm, after the winter last year.

  4. Hi there! Awesome job to anyone keepin' up in winter weather! I agree with Michelle. I received advice from our leader, Matt, Second Sole stores, at our Canton Marathon running group. He also advises to dress warm, but light and with moisture wick layer underneath. You will still get warm, sweat and then, you will chill more, actually, while out there, or at end of run. I couldn't believe I spent, even $19, on running mittens and run beanie but made of moisture wicking tech material. And, these were lower level type-you can spend more, on better, of course. But, wow-worth it! I still wear few layers,but keep 'em lighter. I was overdressed today, again, out there! Thanks for awesome advice and blog! GREAT job!! I love running outside too!! Also agree w/Jesseybell-there is some cold, like last yr. at 10 deg.s, or wicked wind chill, I hestitate to run! Happy running! Happy Winter!!

  5. Thanks Ladies first for reading and second for the great advice. I think my next purchase will be a winter running shirt. I have a light weight jacket for over that for the really cold days. My second will be warmer socks. Like I said we have a beautiful week coming up and feel lucky for that but who knows what the following week will bring. I am also thinking of a 5k Super Bowl Sunday and I am sure that will be a cold one. Thanks again, I love reading your comments!