Monday, January 23, 2012

My Sunshine

Today is kind of a blah day.  Woke up fine, let the kids sleep a little longer, and drank my coffee without any interruptions.  Ahh, nice.  After I got my son on the bus, I got dressed and ready to head out to Beach Bounce with my daughter.  We were supposed to meet some friends there, but one by one they cancelled on us.  No big deal really, except I wanted to stay home and my little girl was dressed and ready, with her coat and shoes on, holding her lunch box.  How could I tell her we weren't going?

The sun is not out, and it is warm so all the snow is melting and it is just wet and gross.  I haven't been feeling to hot, my back is really killing me and I am at the end of a "single mommy" week.  Perfect day to stay in and watch movies and do nothing.  But no, out we went.

When we got there the place was empty and the bounce houses weren't  even blown up yet.  By the time we paid and got our shoes off they were up and running and so was my daughter.  She had the place to herself and loved it!  She went from bounce house to bounce house yelling Yaa Whoooo!  It was really cute and it made it all worth while.

We were there a hour before anyone else showed up and she quickly made friends with another little girl.  I sat and watched her and she smiled the whole time.  Laughed and giggled, without a care in the world.  It was beautiful to watch.  Every so often she would come over and hug me, she is just so sweet.

I can't really say I was bored the whole time, because she made it exciting to just sit there.  I feel lucky to have been able to do this with her today.  We are home now and we are watching movies in front of the fire.  Yes, it is a blah day, there is still no sun shining and it is a little cold,  but when I look at her all I see is sunshine.

Run strong, think big!


  1. What a sweet morning! Hang in there on your single mommy time... I'm amazed at how often you deal with it!

  2. Your little girl is adorable!! My baby girl is my sunshine too, she makes those blah days so much better. Looks like she had an awesome time in the bounce houses :)

  3. Too cute! Looks fun! While I am out there running,even. Last week or two-really feel like I am having to push myself. Reaching deep to find the motivation and extra bit of energy! I work, have two lil' ones, weather's ick, ect. I just want that energy I usually have! Where did it go?! But, always feel better when I am out there running, walking, even working, trying very hard to stay active! Hang in there this winter. Keep doing fun stuff! My kids keep me young. Take care! Have a great week!