Monday, January 9, 2012

Worst Postal Service Ever

Most of you know I have been waiting patiently for my Lousy Medal to come in the mail.  This was the Virtual 5k I signed up for in December.  Today I went to the mailbox and this was what was in it.

I am heartbroken.  The envelope was completely empty, but what really got me was the fact that it was put in the mailbox just like that, no explanation.

After, some yelling and tears, no really, there were tears, I headed to the post office.  I wasn't sure what I expected them to do for me, but surely this could not be proper procedure.

The man working I have seen many times and he is very nice.  I handed him the envelope and told him what should of been in it.  He said by the looks of it, it got caught up in the sorting machine.  (I hate you stupid machine).  He then asked if it was in an "I'm Sorry" envelope.  He was shocked when I told him no, just the ripped envelope.

The main post office is in the next town and that is where he said I needed to call.  He doubted the my medal would be found.  He said to call in the morning and ask for a supervisor and tell them what happened.

So, before you think I am complaining about a one time incident let me tell you that this is not the first time we have had a problem.  Our mail lady does not like to close the mailbox after she puts mail in it.  She likes to leave stuff in the rain, even though we have spot to leave it to keep it dry.  She does not deliver mail in the snow.  Isn't the postal service the one that says, in snow, sleet, hail, rain etc.?  And, after, living at this address for more than 3 years, we still get the mail from the previous owners.  And it is not just their junk mail.  Is this how your mailmen are where you are?

I have a message into the person who mailed it to me and I am hoping she has extras.  I think she did the Disney marathon this past weekend, so I don't expect to hear from her real soon.

So I signing off as a very disappointed person.  Can't let it get me down, just need to do more races with medals at the end.

So do you display your medals or put them in a drawer?  I am hoping to be able to display them, if I ever get one.  What about your race bibs?  Mine currently are put away, but I think I would like to find a way to display them too.

Run strong, think big!


  1. What an awful experience! I still get mail for the woman who used to live at my place, but I think that's a mail forwarding issue maybe? But that's really just unacceptable. As far as displaying medals is concerned, I have this frame in which I've fixed c-hooks and I change out it's contents seasonally (ornaments in Christmastime, valentines/cards for Valentines Day, Easter eggs, etc), but I might replicate it in my room for medals. Totally copied the idea from the Home Depot, and it's really brilliant:

  2. Resa, what a great idea. Thank you for the link! I will let you know how the medal issue unfolds.