Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boring and Fun Rolled Into One

Today was a beautiful, 60 degree day and I wanted to run.  I had both kids and no hubby, so a friend and I brought the kids to the high school track so they could play and we could run.  This is a great idea if you want to run outside but have no one to stay with the kids.  You can see them the whole time and they can run, bike, snack, whatever they want.

At 11, I met my friend M and her husband J and their two kids.  Four times around the track is one mile, ok, so I want to go around at least 12 times.  This is where the boring comes in.  Its a circle that never ends and the scenery is the same.  I also was not a fan of having to keep track of which lap I was on.  I am sure this sounds silly to most, so go ahead and laugh.

The fun though, outweighed the boring.  If you recall my post, Today's Run and My Daughter, you know how she really wanted to run with me.  Today was the day!  She was so excited and she was able to wear her Girls Run....giggling all the way shirt for the first time.  This alone, made the repetition of the track bearable.

When she was done with running, she got on her bike.   Future tri-athlete maybe?

I also, usually run alone, but today I had company and I liked it!  I was slower than M and J, but just knowing they were there was very enjoyable.  I think I may need to make this a regular part of my routine.
When I wrote Partners, it started out to be about running partners, but I didn't really have much experience on that so I changed it.  I read constantly about women and their running buddies and I can see why they enjoy it.  Get regular running buddy is now on my list.

Me and my friend M
Getting back to the run, we all did 12 laps but I can't really say what the time was.  I had to take a few pics, my son couldn't find the pretzels and my daughter got her bike stuck in the mud.  So there were a few pauses that messed with our time.  No worries though, I liked not having to keep track and just go with the flow.  This added to the fun.

When we were done and I started to stretch, J played baseball with my son and the girls got on the bike and went around the track again until my daughter fell.

She cried until I said I would take a pic and put it in the blog, so here it is, her skinned knee.  Boo Hoo

I have to say, this was really a fun day.  I got to spend time with my kids and friends while doing what makes me feel good and we were all happy.  Three more miles in the history books and I am sure, record breaking temps in January.  I love this weather and I hope it last a little longer.  Snow is not my friend.

Four of the best kids in the world!
On a side note, the yankee sway was a blast!  I did not do so good on the gifts though.  I left with the movie The Family Stone.  I have heard good things about it, but I am sure I didn't need to own it.  It's all good fun and I wouldn't change anything.

Next run will be Monday or Tuesday.  Weather is still looking good, so they will, for sure, be outside runs.

So do you have a running buddy?  Do you want to be mine?

Run strong, think big!


  1. Where do you live? I live in a tiny town south of Dothan, AL. I definitely get the importance of running buddies. I have one friend that runs with me on the weekends when she is not on call (she's a nurse) and during the week right now I'm training a friend using C25k, but way faster than when I did it originally so that's good for my own speed. SO much easier to get up, with this cold weather, knowing someone is waiting for me! However...I do still love my solo runs with just me and the music...

  2. I am in Rhode Island but someday I would love to do a race/blogger friend meet up. I do have to agree, that having a running friend would be nice but there is something to be said about that alone time too.

  3. So glad you have people to run with! I have a handful of friends that run, but no regular running buddy. I did get my husband out this morning (and last week) for a short family run...hope this trend continues!

  4. I hope it continues too. I would love if my hubby ran with me.

  5. Fun! I love running with a partner(s) so let me know if you guys meet to run, would love to meet up!

  6. Tara, I will call you next time. My week is not starting off the way I had planned but I think my next run will be Wednesday.